Hi there. It’s 5:00 in the morning, and after a four and a half hour stream, I’m still thinking about Ninja’s comments earlier today.

If you’re out of the loop, the controversy of the day stems from Allegra Frank’s excellent article at Polygon. (https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/11/17675738/ninja-twitch-female-gamers)

I highly recommend reading the full article, but the key point is this: Ninja quite literally has a “No Girls Allowed” policy on his channel. He’s not afraid to stream Fortnite with a plethora of male cohorts, from prominent streamers to legitimate celebrities like Drake, but women are a huge no-no for Ninja.

His reason? People will assume he and the hypothetical female gamer are dating, and he views this as being disloyal to his spouse.

Now, of course, what Ninja and his wife want to do as a couple is their business. However, the underlying tone of what he is saying is pretty profoundly problematic.

Ninja is the biggest streamer on Twitch. There’s no debating that. But the assumption that every female gamer he could come into contact with would want to be romantically involved with him is silly. Couldn’t the same worry extend to his relationships with his FortBros?

While that sentiment might be dusted off as narcissistic, it has more troubling consequences. This is the face of Twitch proclaiming that female gamers are nothing more than a worry to fidelity, a flirt, a distraction.

I understand that Ninja thinks he’s protecting himself from the rumor mill, but the man is married. Why is he so worried about silly clickbait in the first place?

Ninja could be promoting so many streamers of different races, genders and sexualities with his incredible amount of influence. Instead, by instating such a narrow-minded policy, he’s perpetuating the already fully moving machine that is white men running gaming culture.

Part of the reason this whole scenario is so bizarre to me is that I’ve been so positively influenced by female streamers my entire time on Twitch. My first real Twitch friend is a self described “female gamer / androgynous Asian creature” that I met in 2015 named Jakilz.

Since then, I’ve met so many amazing female streamers that have treated me with the utmost respect and pushed me to become a better streamer every day. I’m profoundly lucky to be in the company of such entertaining colleagues.

These are just a few of the women on Twitch that I’m proud to call friends and who’ve inspired me in innumerable ways.

Friends mentioned above, if you all ever want to play games, I would be thrilled.


See, Ninja, was that so hard?

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